Proposal to Rename Harney Peak to Black Elk Peak

Basil Brave Heart, who describes himself a Lakota elder, has proposed Harney Peak be renamed Black Elk Peak. Brave Heart considers the Harney name offensive because namesake William S. Harney was involved in a the 1855 Battle of Ash Hollow in which women and children Lakota were killed. Black Elk is a Lakota medicine man. Harney Peak is in the Black Elk Wilderness.

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2 Responses to Proposal to Rename Harney Peak to Black Elk Peak

  1. Clark says:

    I just returned from SD and hiking the HighPoints of the Dakotas. After spending a week in the Midwest Plains country, I would be in favor of the name change to Black Elk Peak. Weather it refers to an animal or Indian Medicine Man, it should not be offensive to anyone. I’m not sure why the residents would disagree. Mr. Harney’s actions during war time gave him the name of Woman Killer, but reportedly later the Lakota called him the Man Who Always Kept his Word. Either way he was from Tennessee, and while serving with honor, he himself may offer to withdraw his name in a peace-keeping effort.

  2. Randall Shelton says:

    The renaming of Harney Peak is a good thing to do, and is supported by the Harney family.
    Naming it Black Elk Peak seems to be a over reach seeing how the surrounding area is already called The Black Elk Wilderness.
    It would be better to return it to one of the original names it was called by the Dakota, Lakota, and Nakota peoples which are comprised of 7 recognized tribes.
    This would be something I think a Holy Man of Black Elks standing would approve.

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