Beacon Journal Busts Ohio Rumor: Akron Is Not The State (or even County) Highpoint

The Beacon-Journal has a very funny story on Akron myths including this:

Claim: Akron is the highest place in Ohio.
Reality: Akron isn’t even the highest place in Summit County. Yes, the name is derived from the Greek word “akros,” which means “high place,” but it was selected because the town was the highest point on the Ohio & Erie Canal. A spot near Goodyear Heights Reservoir is Akron’s highest point at 1,206 feet above sea level. The highest elevation in Summit County — 1,320 feet above sea level — is near Broadview and Brush roads in Richfield. If you really want to visit the highest place in Ohio, climb Campbell Hill in Logan County’s Bellefontaine. It’s 1,549 feet above sea level.

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