Welcome to deeproofing.com

USA Highpoint Information
We’re porting over the highpoint information to the blog. In the meantime you can our state list.

World Highpoint List
Visit our old world highpoint list which we’re in the process of updating to the blog.

Welcome and Note About the New Website!
In January I started a process to update americasroof from soup to nuts. I’m hoping to have the conversion to the new blog/rss format (using WordPress) by mid-April. If you are looking for something specific or have comments . The squeaky wheel will get the attention.

Get RSS2 Feeds For Virtually Everything on This Website!
One of the big advantages of converting to the blog/database format is that everything is updated immediately. You can get an RSS2 on anything merely by typing “/rss2/” at the end of the URL! Our most popular rss2 feed is our news feed. You can get it here. rss2.0 feed

Google Is Better Search Engine
I’m new to this blog thing. The search engine at right looks at what is in this blog. We have a massive amount of information here from over 10 year. The Google search engine is a better choice to find what you’re looking for.



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