Teddy Roosevelt Was Climbing Marcy in Marcy in the Days After McKinley Was Shot But Before He Died

North Country Public Radio has a wonderful story featuring Teddy Roosevelt impersonator Joe Wiegand describing the trip Teddy took from Mount Marcy/Lake Tear of the Clouds to North Creek Station and on to Buffalo to become president after the shooting of William McKinley. The “interview” notes that Roosevelt was not on the mountain when the shots were fired. Advisors had recommended after the shooting that Roosevelt take a vacation to assure the public that McKinley was o.k. It was on the vacation that Roosevelt got word that McKinley had taken a turn for the worse and that is when he came down the mountain. McKinley was shot on September 1, 1901 but died on September 14.

Link to Adirondack Attic Description of the Events

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