Profile of Trail Crew Doing Blasting to Repair Gannett Peak Switchbacks

Gannett Peak, Wyoming
The Fremont County publication The Ranger has a nice article on the trail work involved in building the switchbacks on the Glacier Trail between between Star Lake and Downs Fork Meadows as well as improvement on the Star Lake and Burro Flats. Among other obstacles was blasting on the trail.

The work affects the main trail to Gannett Peak.

The article notes:

To access the area, [Matt] Walter, five trail technicians and Shoshone National Forest blaster Crosby Davidson gathered on July 16 at the head of Glacier Trail ten miles southeast of Dubois. They loaded for eight days as gear including two 100-pound drills, hundreds of pounds of explosives, bear-proof coolers and an electrified bear-fence, was placed on 16 packhorses and mules.

Each animal carried about 200 pounds of equipment.

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