Amidon, North Dakota Loses Title of Country’s Smallest County Seat

Amidon, North Dakota
Amidon, North Dakota, the “Gateway to White Butte”, has lost its title of the smallest county seat the United States.

Amidon, population 20 in the 2010 census, has now been surpassed or rather undercut by Gann Valley, South Dakota, population 14. Amidon is now considering having its own city hall by the end of the year. Amidon’s smallest sign is still there though.

Note: Wikipedia says it is the fourth smallest behind: Mentone, Texas (population 19), the county seat of Loving County, Brewster, Nebraska (population 17), the county seat of Blaine County, Nebraska, and Gann Valley, South Dakota (population 14), the county seat of Buffalo County, South Dakota. Brewster is the only community that is incorporated so Amidon is now second to Brewster in terms of incorporated communities.

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