Mysterious Disappearance of Runner in 2012 Mount Marathon Race in Alaska Spawns Conspiracy Theories has an update on the strange tale of Michael LeMaitre who disappeared and is unaccounted for in a 2012 race up Mount Marathon in Alaska.

The site notes:

The last time LeMaitre was seen was as he was nearing Race Point, the 3022 foot turnaround point of the race course. LeMaitre was in last place in the race, struggled to reach the turnaround point, when he met a race official that had been manning the turnaround point. The race official had tired of waiting for LeMaitre and decided to head down the mountain to the post-race party. The race official briefly talked to LeMaitre, and then he turned his back to him and left a soaking-wet race participant alone on the mountain in the clouds and cold drizzle.

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