Blue Ridge Parkway Closed from Asheville to Mount Mitchell

A 100 foot crack in the road has prompted an indefinite closure of the Blue Ridge Parkway from Milepost 375 by Asheville to Milepost 355 at N.C. 128/Mount Mitchell State Park.

20 Miles Of Blue Ridge Parkway In NC Closed Indefinitely |

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4 Responses to Blue Ridge Parkway Closed from Asheville to Mount Mitchell

  1. Danny Holwerda says:

    Oh no! I’m planning a trip through the southeastern highpoints with my boys for the first week of August, and we were planning to do both of the Carolinas on Monday, 8/5.

    Here’s the route we were planning to take:

    Is there an alternate way to reach Mt. Mitchell? We’re coming from Texas, so I hate to travel all that distance and then not be able to get there!

    • Danny Holwerda says:

      Found the interactive map here: , which helped a lot. I think I found a different route that only adds about 20 minutes!

    • Roger says:

      You can still access it from the north. Look at the map for alternatives.

  2. Eric McCarty says:

    There is a chance they will open one lane through the busy fall season. Keeping our fingers crossed.

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