Louis Picone Does 6 Highpoints in 21 Hours 33 Minutes

This message is from Louis Picone ()

Hello, my name is Louis Picone and I am a member of the High Pointers club. I e-mailed you a while ago to let you know that I was attempting to break the 3 year old record of 6 state high points in 24 hours and I have just returned from my attempt. Several days after I e-mailed you, I received a response from someone that you forwarded my e-mail to, but I had some computer problems and I lost the e-mails, so please forward this along to whoever is interested in this information

On Friday morning, 11/26/2004 my cousin John Petrizzo(11 states), a non-member (hopefully that will change!) and myself(12 states) began our attempt by summitting the PA high point at 10:28 AM. This was followed by MD (12:27 AM), WV (2:28 PM) and KY (9:56 PM). Now we had 4 states in under 12 hours and we felt great. We then drove to Tennessee, but when we arrived at 12:30 AM on 11/27/2004 we found Clingman’s dome road was closed! I had read that the road is closed starting on 12/1, but it looks like they started early this year. A bit discouraged, but still able to reach our goal since we had high hopes of reaching 8, we left TN and followed by summitting GA (4:45 AM) and SC (8:01 AM). With 2 hours 27 minutes remaining and a 89 mile trip to NC Mount Mitchell, it looks like we still had a long shot at the record despite the TN setback. Obeying all speed limits, we made great time and before 10 AM we were only 10 miles away on the Blue Ridge parkway when we turned the corner and, wham, the road was closed! I had no idea why it was closed, as the minutes slipped away we called the NC board of Tourism and they could not help us. We turned back in dejection and after 5 minutes we had a feeling that the road may have reopened so we returned… to no avail. As 10:28 came and went we left dejected, but we didn’t stay blue for long since we spent the night in beautiful My Airy which is Andy Griffith’s home town and the model for Mayberry from the Andy Griffith show – we even stayed in Andy Griffith’s boyhood home!

So while we did not beat William Hayes and Jason Zinks record, we did tie it and in only 21 hrs & 33 minutes(1 hr, 57 minutes faster that Mr. Hayes & Mr. Zink) and we had a great time high pointing in the North East & Southern regions. Thanks again for organizing such a great club – I’ll keep you posted of my highpointing and I’ll be happy to send along pictures from our record attempting expedition.

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