Mount Sunflower Repairs

Repairs are being made to Mount Sunflower which was heavily vandalized last year.

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  1. Kerri Still says:

    We are happy to see that Mr. Harold was able to make repairs to the limestone marker at Mt. Sunflower. Our family visited Mt. Sunflower just a few weeks after the vandalism occurred. It was our first highpoint; yet, the true highpoint was getting an opportunity to meet Mr. Harold as he drove out to bring us the visitor’s sign-in binder and took our family’s photo at the summit!

  2. Nathan Agnew says:

    Hello from the foot hills of Mt. Sunflower , Me and my family live on a farm that can be seen from the mount to the north. We have had the pleasure in the past of random wayward travelers asking to be pointed in the direction of the highest point. Very pleasant folk’s ,one couple even asked to have a walk about to look at the farm and my brothers sculptures… This has given me the idea of starting a small tourist operation. In hopes that it would give visitors more substance to their experience of seeing the highest point and perhaps help supplement a little of our cost of being one of the smallest farm’s left in these parts.. This old house means a lot to us, I don’t expect very much from this venture.. but I have to try. And I know some people will enjoy a more full experience than is currently offered. We know the history of this area going back to my great grand parents who moved out here just before the turn of the century. We also know land owners who might be convinced to allow guided hikes on land that has historical and geological places of interest. All very close to Mt. Sunflower..there are remains of tepee rings from a Indian camp in coyote canyon on the high ground above a natural spring. One of my favorite hiking spots…we have a collection of fishing holes that are not bad either… I also collect opalized petrified wood that I polish. I’m pretty sure it is the remains of the first forests on the planet about 250,000,000 years old. Some is gem stone quality.. So I guess I’m coming to this site to hopefully get some feed back from anyone who has been or plan on going to Mt.Sunflower. Would this interest anyone out there? Please let me know .. if I can get some positive response for my idea and or suggestions it would mean the world to me and my parents.May all your journey’s be safe and your high points be memorable, true “high points”.

    • Bob Doble says:

      Nathan: On my highpointing trips I make it a point to learn about the local area, including its history, and to also make a modest effort to contribute to the local economy. So your proposal interests me. Also, after being introduced to the beauty of petrified wood during a highpoint trip to AZ last year, I’d like to see what you have in your opalized petrified wood collection. I am planning to visit Mt. Sunflower this summer and if you have any activities – guided hikes for example – planned I’d like to hear about them. Best of luck with your endeavor.

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