Mount Sunflower Extensively Vandalized

Mount SunflowerThe Hays Daily News reports that Ed and Cindy Harold have reported the worst vandalism ever on Mount Sunflower noting that somebody likely using a flatbed pickup extensively “Mount Sunflower” sign made of railroad spikes, created by Ed Harold, and a limestone marker commemorating his grandparent’s homesteading as well as a limestone fence post and the mailbox containing a visitor’s registration book.

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  1. George Naxera says:

    It sounds like the owner is making the repairs himself. However, if there is any significant cost for the repairs, the Highpointers Club should consider creating a special fund to help out. I’m sure many members would be willing to pitch in to help ensure the highpoint remains open to the public. We might even offer to put up better security barriers such as boulders to prevent future damage from cars/trucks.

  2. Carson says:

    I just visited Mt. Sunflower for my twelfth state highpoint. I stated for about 3 hours to soak in the landscape. While standing in a field next to the highpoint and admiring the brown foliage of the past summer, a car approached from the east. It came to a stop and a lady rolled down the window to inform me that the highpoint had been vandalized. I learned that this lady was one of the Harolds’, and she had no intent on closing the highpoint due to the vandalism. In this day and age it seems that closure would be a likely response following such a cowardly act. But, I applaud the decision to keep Mt. Sunflower open despite the actions that occurred on one night. I do agree with the gentleman who suggested donating some funds to the family, because yes indeed they are fixing it themselves. I learned that the commemorative stone was in nearby Oakley, KS being fixed and will be returned. I was bummed that vandals robbed me of the opportunity to learn more about the original homesteaders and would gladly contribute to any effort to raise funds. As someone who indulges in the uniqueness of highpointing, I feel that this would be a way to give back. thank you.

  3. Jay says:

    I was just there about a month ago late at night and while it was dark and cold I managed to find it. It was about my 10th High Point and I am sorry that someone has nothing better to do with their life than to ruin something that was in essence a piece of art work to commemorate a state’s high point. Kudos for attempting to keep it open!

  4. Donnabeth Stewart says:

    I am so sorry to hear about the vandalism at Mt. Sunshine. I enjoyed my trip to visit the high point of Kansas only about 6 years ago or so. This trip included a road tour of some 7 states, 4 high points were visited and I really got a feel for what this part of the country looked like.

    If that funds gets set up I will contribute.

  5. Ann Gentle says:

    Mt. Sunflower was our first Highpoint and remains our family’s most-visited. It’s also the first place we ever saw a “real live” rattlesnake. Big guy was stretched across the road enjoying the early summer sun. (But did we see even a little one in the much-warned North Dakota? Nope.) The kids and I are so sorry to hear of the vandalism. We love the quirky decorations, the picnic table, the license plate contributions (one from us) and the beautiful Kansas prairie-ness of the place. As is the Highpoint, so is the state: warm, friendly, funny, and welcoming. Count us in as donors to a repair fund, and many thanks to the Harolds for keeping it open.

  6. Gustaaf van Moorsel says:

    Just read about this vandalism. I visited Mt Sunflower with a couple of friends on October 9, 2001. We enjoyed the area and appreciated the hospitality evidenced by the easy accessibility. I am appalled at this vandalism and would like hear how I can donate.

  7. Air Doc says:

    My son and I place a new flag pole out there March 2011. We missed camping that summer and the next but I will be there next summer when I get back off my deployment. George is a neat guy and glad he shares this important site with others.
    LTC (x)

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