Ron Paul Proposes Abolishing USGS and Department of Interior

We’re of course in favor the country balancing its budget, but implementing this will of course hit some sacred cows. Ron Paul is proposing abolishing the USGS and Department of Interior among other departments.

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2 Responses to Ron Paul Proposes Abolishing USGS and Department of Interior

  1. Charles says:

    What will happen to the Indian reservations if the Dept. of Interior is shut down will America still honor its promise to the original native Americans?

  2. charles says:

    If the department of Interior is done away with what happens to all the federally recognized tribes in the country and will the treatys be honored and respected, or is this the last shot land grab because of natural resources etc…. Our treatys were never taken seriously we in Indian country get about as much mainstream media as Ron Paul when it comes to issues. We need to know it seems if this happens the indian will have to pay with what is left. for the second time since columbus has landed the lesser of the to evils again, well if we get Mr. Paul in office we keep the constitution and we can be in court again as always fighting for every thing we have. If not then its the new world order america feels like we do now and dont like it. (This is what it feels like to be native american your government doesent care) It was all good when there was work an cash the general population had no empathy for natives im not sure they do now either iam also sure they dont like the treatment, maybe its karma for all those years of repression in americas third world miss managment and thievery Cobell, Wolfchild. well let us know here in indian country so we can pick between the two evils welcome to the way we are treated as native americans.

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