NPS Says It Spends $1,300 For Each McKinley Climber

The National Park Service says costs of supporting climbers on Mount McKinley/Mount Foraker is $1,300 per climber, versus about $37 per person for all other visitors. The NPS which now charges $200/climber is seeking to raise the cost to $500. The park currently spends more than $1.3 million/year for search and rescue.

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One Response to NPS Says It Spends $1,300 For Each McKinley Climber

  1. Chris Libby says:

    Bull. I would like to see the detailed breakdown on that. They are obviously averaging out a few high cost rescues among the total number of climbers, not to mention things like retirement funds and HAZMAT and sexual harrassment training and Washington DC junkets for District Rangers, not to mention NPS funds being illicitly diverted into overall Federal budget programs like international wars of aggression and corporate welfare bailouts. How about having National Park Concessionaires pay more than the pittance they do to run Congressionally-mandated business monopolies in the Parks? If there is truly a problem with the cost of climbing groups, what would be more appropriate would be a rescue insurance program that all are required to buy, as well as increased screening of qualifications, conditioning, and equipment of climbers. For example, Alpine Club membership in civilized democracies such as Germany automatically includes rescue insurance, and at a very nominal cost. And yes, I am American, and yes, I have climbed McKinley.

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