Denali Flightseeing Noise Annoying Climbers

The National Park Service is considering rules to change flightseeing patterns on Mount McKinley. Helicopter noise is starting to drown out conversations among climbers.

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2 Responses to Denali Flightseeing Noise Annoying Climbers

  1. Sue Deyoe says:

    This is a really bad headline. There is only one helicopter on Denali (mt. mckinley) Its flightseeing fixed-wing tours that drown out climbers. The rescue helicopter has almost nothing to do with it. The aircraft group is mostly about backpackers and overflights (fixed wing, not helicopter).

  2. Denali Bush Pilot says:

    That’s odd. Seeing as those climbers get up there with a pilot. Be it fixed wing or rotor. How do they expect those companies to stay in business without the additional income of flightseeing. It’s an expensive operation. The climbers numbers are regulated and the season is to short to make a living. Cut out the flightseeing and those climbers can start walking in from the road. How many climbers are hard core enough for that? Forget air drops for supplies too, pack it in.

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