1935 Taum Sauk Trip Report: Park at the Goat Herder’s Cabin

Here’s an amusing 1935 Taum Sauk trip report noting that you need to park the goat herders cabin. The report says:

To go to Taum Sauk the mountain climber needs to give attention to explicit directions. The Girardeans took Highway 21 from Ironton to Hogan, near Tip Top, and then turned off a little used road to the right. This road led into inaccessible country. They parked their car after a jolting trip, at the cabin of a Greek goat herder by the name of Mechin. From there it was about 3 miles to the home of John Huff, whose house is the last one encountered before arriving at the mountain, which is approximately 5 miles from Huff’s cabin. The quartet took about 1-1/2 hours in climbing the mountain, and spent another hour resting at the top.

The visitors were told by Mechin and Huff that there is a waterfall on Wildcat Mountain, an auxillary mountain to Taum Sauk, and that few people know of this fact. Prof. Duckworth, an authority on the state’s geological history, said he had never of it previously. It was sighted, almost hidden, from the summit of Taum Sauk.

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