Alternative Routes Up Mount Mansfield

The folks over at cohp have the following suggestions for alternatives to Mount Mansfield:

Considering Mount Mansfield from the western approach, i.e., Underhill State Park: I like the trails. Sunset Ridge is the trail to ascend Mansfield in my opinion, and if coupled with the Laura Cowles trail, a nice loop. Please note that if you do this loop trail, the advice is to ascend the Laura Cowles trail and descend the Sunset Ridge trail (I did the opposite). While on the Sunset Ridge trail, take the short side trail to Cantilever Rock. Oh, Underhill State Park is the closest trailhead to Burlington so expect this to be busy, especially on the weekends, but then, all Mansfield trailheads are busy during summer.

However, ascending from route 108 via the Long Trail provides a more direct route for 2 county highppoints: Chittenden County – Mt Mansfield and Lamoille County – “Adams Apple.” Enjoy!
Peter Anderson

Another really great loop that is only a little over seven miles long is to
start in the same place, in Underhill State Park, and go up Maple Ridge with
great views and fun scrambling, to The Forehead. Then traverse the whole
ridgeline to The Chin and descend on Sunset Ridge. Spectacular hike! Would be
easy to also add on Adams Apple.

Rick Shortt

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