Is Delaware’s Highpoint Really in a Trailer Park?

The Delaware Geological Society argues the state’s high point is almost 2 feet higher than the accepted “Ebright AZI” disk (447.85 feet) at Ebright Road and Ramblewood Drive. The Society says the elevation of 450 is a mound in the trailer park perhaps a hundred yards west of Ebright Road. Highpointers Club Member Paul Zumwalt surveyed the land and made the same determination.

However there are no arrangements for visiting the trailer park which is on private property and is posted with “no trespassing” signs. The Highpointers Club Board of Directors in 2001 voted to recognize a visit to Ebright Azimuth disk and marker as a visit to the highpoint as the elevation gain across the field to the trailer park was considered “inconsequential.”

A debate goes on whether the trailer park mound is a natural phenomenon since there is some evidence that there mound was not there before the trailer park was put in.

The USGS itself has stayed out of the fray as it does not designate an official Delaware highpoint in its online database although the USGS pamphlet on state highpoints (which has not been modified for some time) has not changed from recognizing Ebright Azimuth at 448 feet.

One of the constant stories about Ebright is that it is the most dangerous highpoint because it is “in the middle of the road.” This of course is a manmade feature too. The State of Delaware plans to put a pull off on the west side of the road for a better monument and attempt to make visits to the summit safer.

And just to make things interesting in 1988 the USGS changed how summits are calculated noting that gravity and mass affect the elevation. By their calculations, 18 states — all east of the Mississippi and most in the Northeast — lost elevation. Ebright was the biggest loser in process as both the Ebright Azimuth and the trailer park elevation are considered a foot lower.

Below is the Delaware Geological Survey page on the issue (breakout of iframe)

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