International Appalachian Trail Seeks European Extension

The International Appalachian Trail has announced a planned European extension starting in Greenland. When combined with the Eastern Continental Trail it would be possible to walk from Key West, Florida to Morocco (with a few water ferries thrown in).

In 2010 Greenland became the seventh chapter of the Council of International Appalachian Trails. It would be the first step on a proposed trail that would follow ridges around the Atlantic through Ireland and Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland, Norway, France, Portugal, Spain and Morocco.
Proponents of the trail say that the Appalachians and the mountains in Europe are related from when Europe and North America collided millions of years ago and then drifted into their present locations. They also note that the existing trail has several instances where hikers must take ferries or boats because of water breaks.
The first leg of the extension in Greenland is proposed to be on the Nussuaq Peninsula by the Uummannaq Fjord[4]

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