Biggest Search in Baxter State Park in 40 Years After Hiker Bushwhacks Off Knife Edge

Baxter State Park rangers have found Michael Hays from Stow, Ohio, after he disappeared while climbing the Knife Edge Trail on Katahdin. The search began after he did not sign out at the register. He was discovered after three days about a mile and half from the trail when tracks were found in a snow bank. He had a crushed knee cap and was covered in insect bites. They said it was the biggest search in the park since the 1970s. One of the searchers had to be airlifted after injuring a knee.

Details are now coming including that Hays was injured when he was bushwhacking off the knife edge and that rescuers had discovered that he had tried to check his voice mail from the mountain although he did not have a strong enough signal to call for help. It was also revealed that he was on a highpointing trip with planned hikes up Mount Washington and Mount Mansfield.

The press release notes rescues were from Acadia National Park and MESARD, Dirigo, Waldo, Lincoln, Mid-Coast, Wilderness, Mahoosuc Mountain and York County Rescue Teams and that the helicopter was from Maine Forest Service.

The video above is the most popular in the search for knife edge and maine.

Followup: Officials say they will not charge Hays for the search because he appeared to be “an experienced hiker who was properly equipped.”

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2 Responses to Biggest Search in Baxter State Park in 40 Years After Hiker Bushwhacks Off Knife Edge

  1. Happy Hiker says:

    Glad hikers are ok. A lesson for all of us to take precautions.
    We hiked Kathdin a few years ago & found the park service personnel to be top notch! We were very late coming out & the park ranger said there & were going to look for us at day light. With assistance from my hiking partner I limply made it out without them:) I had messed up my knee during the hike down-never underestimate the terrain and mother nature!
    Thanks park service for looking out for us!

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