Proposal to Rename Boundary Peak to “Mount Reagan” Falters

A German site (translate) reports that a move to rename Boundary Peak to “Mount Reagan” has apparently faltered after local Nevada residents opposed it. The Reagan Legacy Project is now looking for some peak around Las Vegas.

The effort to rename a mountain in Nevada as at the Reagan Legacy Project. The link for renaming Boundary Peak is currently broken. Here’s a January 10, 2010, article on the launch of the project.

The project is initiated by Karri Bragg, Executive Vice President of Citizen Outreach Foundation. She’s the former Executive Director of the national Ronald Reagan Legacy Project sponsored by Americans for Tax Reform in Washington, D.C.

Here’s a Las Vegas Weekly article that also includes a poll (which at this writing shows 9% support and 63% saying Nevada shouldn’t be messing with anything — the rest is scattered on other renaming options).

Earlier this year the feds voted 11-0 against renaming Mount Clay to Mount Reagan in New Hampshire’s Presidentials even after the New Hampshire legislature had supported it.

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