First woman to ski all 54 Colorado Fourteeners

Christy Mahon from Aspen is the first woman to ski all 54 Colorado 14ers completing on Capitol Peak on May 17. Here’s her Elbert report from her webage .

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2 Responses to First woman to ski all 54 Colorado Fourteeners

  1. Algernon Moncrief says:


    I checked out the pics of the descent on Christy’s website. An excellent ski descent, but there was a rappel on the descent. I didn’t realize that Davenport or Dawson did rappels on their descents of this peak. If they did not, then this descent is not done in a similar or better style than the first descents, and although admirable, should not be counted as a complete descent. Does anyone know if Davenport/Dawson rappelled, or if there are fixed standards for claiming descents in the sport?

  2. Algernon Moncrief says:

    The style of the earlier descents of Capitol was matched, it is indeed the first female descent of all of the 14ers. Excellent, congrats. Alger

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