Study: Average Climber Spends $107 for Each 14er Trip

Here’s an interesting tidbit from the proposal to charge for access to Colorado Fourteeners in the Sangre de Cristo mountains:

Based on a study done by C. Keske and J. Loomis in 2006 and revised by G. Lohman (Colorado State University) in 2010; the typical 14’er climber spends an average of $107 per person per trip for the physical and mental challenges of summiting these peaks surrounded by their spectacular settings. In addition, the study found that 14’er climbers’ mean “willingness to pay” was roughly $180 per person per trip. The difference between 14’er climbers’ current trip expenditures and their “willingness to pay” indicate a “consumer surplus” (or net economic value of the experience to 14’er climbers themselves) of about $70 per person per trip. The additional expense of purchasing a $10 to $20 recreation use permit is unlikely to dissuade very many potential visitors from visiting South Colony Basin.

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