Mount Magazine 15K Run June 5 “Only One Hill”

The Mount Magazine 15K Run sponsored by the River Valley Runners will be June 5 starting at the Havana School.

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2 Responses to Mount Magazine 15K Run June 5 “Only One Hill”

  1. Jack Mayberry says:

    I would like to tell the lady whose name is Becky “Thank You” again for all the help she gave me during my “almost 4 hour” walk/stop/stretch ;walk/stop/stretch all the way up Mt. Magazine when my pinched nerve would not permit me to go any faster.

    And I would like for her to know that I “decorated” the trophy she gave me by chipping, into a mountain shape, a small piece of the rock I picked up, and glued it to the base of the trophy. It will always be very special to me. Wish I could show it to her.

  2. Lisa Vorwerk says:

    That was surely Becky Hearn or Hern…….part of our River Valley Runner Club. Happy Racing….Pink Panther

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