Ghost of the Old Coot on Mount Greylock on Bellow’s Pipe Trail

We earlier reported that Massachusetts was considering changing its Greylock displays to possibly more thoroughly tell the tale of the ghost on Bellow’s Pipe Trail on Greylock. This report says the ghost is that of a Union soldier. When he returned home from the Civil War his wife had married another. He headed up the trail to live as a hermit. His ghost is now seen always going up the mountain — never down. Here’s another more detailed report saying that he is reported to have been photographed twice. He usually haunts the lower sections of the trail and is most often seen in January.

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6 Responses to Ghost of the Old Coot on Mount Greylock on Bellow’s Pipe Trail

  1. connor leyden says:

    There’s alot of them on the old mt.greylock!

  2. connor leyden says:

    I’ve heard about a abandoned farhouse not far from the top.Some people say that’s it’s haunted by the ghost of “mysterius” footsteps,and I’m eager to viset

  3. Sandy says:

    Interestingly, my dad knew Old Coot personally. As a boy, my dad spent his summer days hiking & playing on Mt Greylock, & in the winter he skiied the Thunderbolt with Greenie Guertin. When I was a child, we heard awful stories about a nasty Old Coot who hated everyone. However, my dad painted an entirely different picture of Old Coot as a pleasant,but seemingly beaten & sad man. My dad said Old Coot (my dad told me his real name, but I can’t remember), always said a pleasant “Hello” to everyone. As another interesting side note, my brother was married to a great great niece of Old Coot.

    • Sandy says:

      I guess no one reads this or they would have said “How could your father have known Old Coot? Old Coot died long ago, & your dad could not have known him”. My dad did not know Old Coot. My dad and Greenie Guertin were Boy Scout leaders, and when they camped on Mt. Greylock with the scouts, they made up stories about Old Coot to tell the scouts. One tale was that they knew Old Coot personally. As a child, I believed these tales until I finally realized that Old Coot was before my father’s time. And… as for my brother being married to a great great niece of Old Coot…you can…Believe it or Not!

      • TR says:

        I wasn’t going to write having realized that there was no way for it to be true. Its kinda funny that after 3 years you wrote again saying its from a story. Still the thought that he was a nice old man who was miss understood is great.

  4. Paul says:

    I take every tale of ghosts with a grain of salt, but me and a friend of mine were hiking that trail around ten years ago, and we both saw a man with odd looking clothes that did not look like any modern clothing.To me, he looked like a man wearing late 19th century clothes and wore an odd looking hat.I had a weird feeling about seing this man slowly hiking up the trail.It was near the moneybrook trail we saw him.He was looking right at us and we looked away for a few seconds and he was gone.When I saw him I felt as though something was greatly troubeling him and the hair on the back of my neck stood up.This man and the energy around the area was off,but he meant no harm by his look and body launguage.Years have gone by since and I knew nothing of the “Old Coot” legend until I started exploring ghosts of Massachusetts and Greylock came up.My jaw droped to the ground,and I think it was him.I am skeptical,but the whole thing was real.He just vanished in a matter of seconds.True story folks.

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