40 Year Anniversary of 1970 Unsolved Mount Magazine Murder

AY Magazine is reporting on the incident went a headless torso was found on Mount Magazine on April 15, 1970. Somebody looking for poke in the freshly burned fields on the mountain noticed:

Sitting upright, on a tree stump, was part of a human body. The head was missing, as were the arms and the upper portion of the torso. The body had been severed just above the navel. The legs had been cut off just above the knees and were also missing…The day after the initial gruesome discovery, the search party found five bloody plastic bags on the mountain. One held human hair, another contained intestines and the other bags had been torn and emptied by animals. The bags were black trash bags with a trademark imprint of a green leaf on them.

The body has never been identified and the crime has never been solved.

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3 Responses to 40 Year Anniversary of 1970 Unsolved Mount Magazine Murder

  1. Doug M. says:

    Not to be picky, but here in Arkansas when we subtract 1970 from 2010 we come up with 40 years not 30 years.

  2. Roger Rowlett says:

    Thanks for the gotcha!

  3. Henry Frederick says:

    sounds like a good one for unsolved mysteries.

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