Hiking from Sassafras Mountain to the Sea Via the Foothills and Palmetto Trails

South Carolina has spectacular online trail resources.
A must see visit is sctrails.net. It describes the major trails in the state, has maps and important information on it.

The showpiece of the state is the 425+ mile Palmetto Trail which starts in Oconee State Park in the upstate and ends north of Charleston on the coast. It is still under construction. Here’s a map. The Trail is being coordinated by the Palmetto Conservation Organization.

The Palmetto will not traverse Sassafras directly. It will be via a connector. But oh what a connector! Probably the most spectacular single trail in the state is the Foothills Trail which is a 76-mile trail on the Blue Ridge Escarpment and crosses Sassafras. The Foothills is not part of the Palmetto as a chunk of it is just north of the border by Lake Jocasse. Interestingly on the FTC Application the award you can get from the foundation is being a Pinnacle Mtn. Donor (Sassafras Donor is second). Let’s face it Sassafras does not have the cool profile of Pinnacle Mountain. Here’s a great map of the trail.

Backward links to FTC.
Backward links to SCTrails

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